Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A week in pictures...

Between birthdays, good Friday, my cousin's wedding and Easter we had a busy weekend, to say the least.
Wednesday night we celebrated husband's 29th birthday. I made sausage, potatoes, onions and peppers (not sure what it's called) and a cookie cake. It was quite scrumptious if I do say so myself.Davis and Daddy opening presents...
Singing Happy Birthday...
Tasting the cookie...Friday BJ, Turner and I went fishing to catch "bait". It was an experience with our nephew that we know he will always remember. (He always talks about things that we do with him and remembers EVERYTHING!) That evening Trey, Mindy, Turner, Cole, BJ, Davis and myself hung out and ate pizza at the river. The guys set lines for catfish and checked them periodically. Look at "da biggest fish I ever saw"-Cole .....Davis was very interested in the fish and wanted to get it. Of course mommy ruined all the fun.
Saturday we got all dolled up and headed to my cousin Leslie's wedding. It was very sweet and everything was beautiful. Before the ceremony I went to see Leslie. As soon as I opened the door I started crying. She looked so happy and just gorgeous. Mindy and I had a good time dancing at the reception.Sunday we woke up let D go through his basket, got dressed and headed to church. We ate lunch with Grandma, Duke and Great Grandma and even got in a good Sunday nap.His basket from Grandma and Duke minus the goodies...It was a busy weekend but it was fun.
Now let's conquer this week and bring on another one :)


  1. Love all the pics! Happy Birthday to BJ! We are all getting old ha You BJ and Davis all looked so snazzy for your weekend events! Happy Easter! His precious bunny ear pic is adorable!

  2. Just came across your blog from "Gettin Fritzy With It." Very cute!

    You have a very beautiful family! Your son is very handsome and I love the Easter ears!!! Have a great week!

    "Stop by and enter the give away!"