Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Boys!

Happy birthday to two of my favorite fellas!!! This is one of my favorite pics of the birthday boys and it was taken three years ago. Now my sweet little nephew is a sweet boy (7) and husband who is now a daddy-o is almost an old man ;) (29) hehe (just kidding I joke but I know we are pretty young)
Turner is one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. He knows just what to say and when to say it. I am so fortunate that God blessed our family with such a smart/handsome/loving little boy. He has really grown up so much over the past year but still allows you to kiss him in public. He's so precious.
As for husband, it's so funny that when we started dating he was 21, starting his first "real" job, then came his first "big" purchases (truck, house, my bling) and look where we are now! A lot has happened in those almost 8 years. I'm so grateful that God chose such a hardworking husband for me and our family.
Now off to celebrate-I'll take some pics tonight for yall :)

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