Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Just in case yall forgot...I've got the sweetest, happiest baby...EVERRRRR. He has been getting some extra snuggle time with his Mama b/c he has her wrapped around his lil pinky and she (although she said she would NEVER do this) has been letting him sleep with her when he wakes up before she is ready for him to get up. Of course once he gets snuggled up he goes right back to sleep for a bit longer :)
  • Saturday Davis and I went on a little trip. We went and met Nicole and the kiddos for lunch (they were headed to Disney on Ice which she said they absolutely LOVED) did some shopping, went to a shower (a lingerie shower at that-yes I took my baby to a lingerie shower) and to a birthday party. It was quite the busy day. One would think that a certain little fella would have slept all night b/c of that busy day...WRONG! Davis with Dawson and KaydenThe bride and sweet boy
Some family...
  • Sunday we went to Uncle Trey's church to see him sing in the Easter Cantata. I have to say watching my big bro in the church choir is quite humorous. He is a pretty funny fella and doesn't put it away during church either...his facial expressions were quite hilarious.
  • Husband wanted to take babylove to his sister's for the afternoon and us go to the river. I did not want to go but went and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I've been reading a book for months now (it's not that it isn't any good I just don't get the time) and I read half of it while he was fishing. It was so peaceful. Not to mention I caught some rays...
  • Does anyone remember this baloon?? IT IS STILL KICKIN'! Or should I say was kickin' b/c I def put the scissors to it tonight b/c I was tired of looking at it. Seriously a balloon that lasts over 2 months? Gma got her money out of it ;)
A certain little boy got his first tooth this weekend AND started crawling. Seriously, both in the same weekend. Why is he growing up so fast?!?! Def time to baby proof-Davis is on the loose!

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