Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring has def Sprung! We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and I have not had time to blog. I'm sorry. I've been slammed at work and in the evenings it is non stop until D is down and once he's down...this mama goes to bed too!
A little of what we've been up too....
  • Little League has started in our town and that means between Cole, Turner, Payton and Hunter there are games 4 days out of the week!!! We have enjoyed it but have quickly realized that we are not going to be able to attend every game. While D loves all of the extra attention he gets there it is a bit much getting home after 8 every night when he normally goes to bed at 8:30....that means feed, bathe, bottle and BED!
  • Grandma got a new ride. She went from a convertible bug to a Cadillac SRX. Explain that one...she said needed something that carseats could fit in. However she is still driving the bug b/c she can't seem to "part" with her dream car.
  • Grandma also had some surgery yesterday. She had the bones of the inside of both feet shaved and pins put in. YUCK! She is down for two weeks and wearing two big 'ol boots. We went over last night (dad's out of town for work) and cooked supper. I made Chicken Primavera and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake that I found here. And they were both quite delish.
  • Uncle Paul and Aunt Kelley had their 20 week ultrasound yesterday and it confirmed that they are in fact having a boy, Nathan Orie Davis. (Orie was my gf's name) And yes this means 4 boys and 0 girls for the Davis family. Turner used to say maybe Aunt Katie can get a girl however this weekend he said he thinks he likes it being all boys.
  • TWO of our friends that we have grown up with announced that they are both expecting in November!
  • A certain big boy got a new big boy carseat. (Yet it's still sitting in the living room...)
  • We have a busy couple of weeks coming up with two very important guys having birthdays, hubbylove/baby daddy and my first born nephew Turner Dane next Wed (yes they have the same bday), my cousin Leslie getting married and Easter next weekend and we're hosting a shower for Tripp and Stacey and their precious "no name yet" baby girl the following weekend.
Here are some pics from the past few days...
D wore his Easter shirt for the first time Friday..ain't he just precious!!!Cole giving Davis some sugar after his game. He sure has come a long way since D was born.Cole and Weston after their game.These two can't seem to get enough of their mama!Big boy in his new seat...


  1. What a cutie!!! That pasta and cake look YUMMY! You are such a good daughter ;) and have turned in to quite the domesticated diva! ha ha

  2. I love spring!! And I love him, such a cutie!

  3. Davis makes me smile!!! I miss him!

  4. That Easter shirt is PRECIOUS! I love it.

  5. Aww, so cute! I love having a lot to do! Sounds like y'all stay busy busy busy!