Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Days Like This

It's days like this, today, that I so wish I could spend everyday with my sweet, adorable son. I, never in a million years, thought that "I" would want to be a stay at home mom. (I normally can't stand staying home) That was until the day I had to leave babykins for the first time and come back to work. Some days aren't as bad as others but some days I miss him SOOOO much. I read about so many SAHM and I can't help but envy them. At the same time I realize that b/c we would like a "new to us" house and all of the adorable cuteness that I have a habit of buying the cutest baby only makes sense for me to work, to contribute.
Boogie playing outside at daycare....
Two sweet babies!
My mom was trying to take a picture of him and I can only imagine that he was jumping up and down and trying to grab the phone...I know you're probably thinking..."at least he looks happy in all of these pics" but it still makes me really sad that I feel like I'm missing so much :(
Don't get me wrong, I realize that I am extremely fortunate to have a job and one that understands that I am a mom and that "shit happens" but I still wish that I could be home.

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  1. Girl, you won't ever get over wanting to be home with least, I haven't yet and Noah is almost two. I am glad to provide more for Noah with my job, too.

    PS Top pic of boo baby looks like.......YOU!