Monday, July 26, 2010

Another busy weekend passes

Phew these weekend have been a little crazy lately and they seem to only be getting crazier-but I'm super pumped. Aub's wedding is this weekend!!! Can't believe it's here already.
Friday BJ and I did some piddling in sweet baby's room. I'll have pictures soon, I promise :) Mom brought by some stuff that she got him on her trip this wk to NYC. He got two books (one talks about never eating tomatoes...can't imagine why she would have thought that one was appropriate) a pony (note early in my pregnancy I said that I had been telling the baby that if he/she would cooperate and show us his or her goods that Duke would buy him a pony) and a soft blankie. Later Ashley and I went out to eat to celebrate her bday. It just so happened that we ran into Tina and Cameron and ended up having dinner with them.
Saturday was girls day at April's. I wish we had pics to was quite fun even for prego, and it was so hot that no one laid out we ALL stayed in the pull the entire day. Can you imagine how wrinkled we were?!? With her parents living on the golf course we had numerous visitors come over and speak while they were playing their last round. The rest of the crew(minus me and Lindsay K.) partook in Margaritas and PJ all day. We all had bets that a few girls weren't going to make it to the dance that night but they were troopers. While we were having our drinking/tanning/gossiping day the guys decided to have their own pool party at Bubba's. Of course we all ended up together. That night I (BJ may or may not have had a little too much fun and may or may not have attended...we'll let you guess..HA) headed to the dance for just a little while but it was rather warm and crowded so I didn't stay too late.
Sunday we had church, lunch, Aub's shower and chores to close out the weekend.
I'll leave you with a few pics from paparazzi Say...YES she finally posted some!
The Old Friends Women's Golf Tourney

Some more pics from Aub's bach..

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