Friday, July 23, 2010


Whoop whoop! We made it again!
We had a good drs appointment yesterday. I'm measuring 30 wks. She scheduled my next ultrasound (which was supposed to be at 32 wks) in two weeks. So I'm guessing she changed my due date?!? Either way you put it we have less than 10 weeks until he's here!!! I've gained a few lbs since my last visit that she said is mostly water. She said that I need to drink more water and prop my feet up more often but that it is to be expected with all of these 100+ days. He will be here before we know it!
Tonight Ashley and I are planning on going to one of my absolute favs in our area The Eatery to celebrate her bday which was yesterday.
All of our hometown friends will be in town this weekend for the annual Old Friends Golf Tournament. I have a day date scheduled for tomorrow with all of the girls beside April's pool..while they partake in margaritas I'll be floating and drinking water ;)
Sunday we have Aub's last wedding shower...a linen shower. Then next weekend the big day is HERE!
Have a fabulous weekend people..summer's almost over!

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