Monday, July 12, 2010

So Amazing..

Just got back from our doctors appointment. It was AMAZING!! I spoke with Dr. C about my "fear" of having him (not so much actually having him but not knowing when he will come) and she said that at 37 wks (less than 10 wks away) that she will set a day for 39 weeks for us to meet our sweet fella! I could not be more excited :) We then went to have our 4d ultrasound (note we would not have had this had I not been exposed to 5th were super pumped about it...everything looks great and we got some great shots of Davis). He had his hands by his face most of the time. In the beginning he was going a lil crazy bouncing all around and then he started yawning (did it multiple times while we were watching which was really neat) then went to sleep with both hands by his face. He has rather large feet with long skinny toes (def got those from his Daddy) and rather round nose (I'm thinking he got his Uncle Paul's haha), still has a head full of hair (which I'm so anxious to see what color). He weighs 2lbs 8ozs. Such an exciting day :)
Our weekend was fabulous. Had a great time at Aub's bach party. Will post those pics later...

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