Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just some things to be excited about...

Some exciting news....our last piece of furniture is in!!! YAY! I can't wait to go get it so we (i.e. BJ) can def put everything where we (I) want it and stop moving everything around.
I'm pretty sure I kicked that sugar tests butt and took names this morning. Everyone had told me horrible it was...easy breezy although my arm is a little black and blue from where they couldn't make me bleed..hmmm Is it bad that I kind of enjoyed sitting in the office of the lab reading my book and people watching?? HEY, better than working lol. BTW this total sissy sitting beside me had the same due date as me! How funny. She is having a girl. But that's about as far as we got b/c she took too long drinking her stuff and I got out of there before her.
I can't believe I'm about to enter the third trimester...I'm in the home stretch peopleee! That means things are about to get C~R~A~Z~Y!!!! Let's see this is our schedule for the next few weekends...
This weekend:Aubrey's Final Fling (bachelorette time babyyyy, maybe I'll have some virgin drinks to get in the spirit)
Next Weekend:Aubrey's recipe shower Sunday
July 24-25 Wknd:Allison's (a girl that I used to work with in Aiken) wedding Sat and Aub's Linen shower
July 30-31: AUBREY'S GETTING HITCHED!!! (I'm in this wedding)
Aug 7: hubs is gone for Kemp's Bach party
Aug 13: Maternity Pics :) and that Sunday my first SHOWER!!!
Aug 21-22: Anniversary Weekend hopefully going away for our anniversay/babymoon
Aug 27-28: Kemp's getting hitched!! (BJ is in this wedding)
Sept 5-6: Labor Day Weekend
Sept 11-12: USC GOOOOOO COCKS!!! USC vs. UGA Saturday (my only game of the season this year I'm thinking) Sunday my SECOND shower :)
Sept 19: My last shower and Jordan's 15th bday!
Sept 20: MY 26th
Sept 21: Hunter's 13th bday
I think I'll stop there...but just so you see how crazy things are about to get before Davis gets here...WHOOP WHOOP

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