Friday, July 9, 2010

Goof Troop gone wild

HA! Our groop of friends is also known as the goof troop. It consists of Aubrey, Sarah, April, Erin, Lindsay, Tara, Jana and myself. We were always together and up to something when we were younger and Aubrey's brother, Kemp started calling us the "Goof Troop". Over the years, though we may not speak everyday, we still share that special bond and are always able to pick up right where we left off. Well out of the 8, Aub is the 4th to get married. (I'm the first to have a baby!) My how the times have changed. This weekend we are celebrating Aubrey's bachelorette in Charleston. We are meeting tomorrow for lunch, going to the beach, lingerie shower, dinner and out. (I'll be headed home after wild night for preggo)
Here are some pictures from previous bachelorette parties...
The first one...Jana's in Charleston (June 2007)
Although she isn't in this one b/c we were letting her have the front seat :)

(Mine-Aug 2008 in Hilton Head & Savannah)

Sarah's in Nashville (Aug 2009)

To be continued...

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