Friday, March 26, 2010

And the gener predictor test says......

I took the GP test this morning and the results say.......IT'S A BOY!!!!! Now to find out if it is correct in 8 weeks!!! I can't stinkin' wait!!! Davis it will be :)
Of course BJ thought this test was the silliest thing ever but he was excited when it was green.
Well we've had plans 3 times so far for this weekend but I'm satisfied with the final plans! Tonight BJ and I are going to take it easy and watch The Blindside. I've seen it and absolutely LOVED it! Tomorrow he's playing in a golf tournament and I'm going to look at baby furniture and shop with Ashley H. She is always such a good date. She lets me pick where we eat, takes me to get ice cream and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?!?!
Also I have some pictures from our visit with Nicole and the kids from Wed. and I'll post them soon, promise :)


  1. This is the one of the craziest things I have seen. How does this thing work? Do you just pee on a stick. I am in agreement with BJ you shold just wait until the Ultrasound before you start buying boy stuff.
    Love ya,

  2. I'm not going to buy any blue until after my ultrasound. It was just a test that I had read about and had excellent reviews so I tried it. It comes with a kit. You take your first morning urine and dispense it in this cup that has stuff (not sure what it is) in it, swirl it 10 secs, sit 10 mins, if it turns green it's a boy and if it turns orange it's a girl. It's 82% accurate. We'll see in May :)