Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Goodness I'm tired. I hit the snooze button multiple times this morning! I just feel exhausted all day everyday. They say that I will get my second wind in a few weeks. Bring it on :)
Boobies....everything I read says I should be seeing some big changes if you get my drift....well where are they?!?!? I mean no change here...yet.
I saw Carmen (a friend who is two weeks ahead of me) last night. WHOA nelly. She def has a bump. She said she can't wear hardly any of her normal clothes. Hubs was totally shocked. He said I mean are you going to be like that in two weeks...haha We shall see lover boy.
Tonight I'm planning to meet Lizzie for dinner. We decided last month that we were going to do this once a month.
Happy Hump Day :)

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