Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, monday

I have a good bit of pics to show you guys but for whatever reason they aren't cooperating with blogger...I'll try again later!

Well we had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday Tara, a friend of mine's father passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. It's been quite a struggle these past few months and now he is no longer suffering. I can't imagine what she is going through but know that she is just relieved for him to be pain free. I spent some time with them Friday and Saturday evenings. And even though it was such a sad occasion it was great to catch up with all the girls.
After my visit with them on Friday we headed to meet a friend of ours that was in town from Texas.
Saturday BJ headed out for his golf tournament early and I attempted to sleep in. Wasn't very successful with that so I messed around the house and headed to Turner and Payton's soccer games for a bit then met Ashley for our day date. We had a great time and spent wayyy too much. (And we got to meet Sarah for Olive Garden!) I got some make up, brushes (they were buy one get one free, I couldn't pass that up) and a new OPI color which I can't remember the name but it's really cute :) from Ulta, BJ a Guy Harvey tshirt for his Easter basket(okay I bought myself one too) and a new purse from Handpicked(wish I could find it for you to see but it's not on the website but it's yellow and pretty cute..even if I didn't want to pay that much). I also bought BJ this cute onesie for Easter from peanut. AHHH the things I have been buying lately...I need to be saving for peanut! We also went to Baby's Furniture Plus and I picked out the crib that I's just the sweetest most perfect crib for my precious baby, don't you agree?? (in the expresso) I sure hope hubs agrees. I can't wait to take him to see it. I think then it will be more "real" to him.
Sunday we went to church, lunch with my parents, took Rox for a trip to my bro's (the weather was great when we left and the boys LOVED her coming to visit..the cows not so much), napped, went back to church for the Easter Cantata..(Jesus is Alive and Well..I've had this song in my head all day).
PHEW what a weekend but we love it =)

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