Friday, March 19, 2010

Giddy Up

It's that time again!! Spring begins with two weekends of back to back horse races! This weekend we have the Elloree Trials and next weekend we have the Cup.
The Elloree Trials is basically a redneck horse race. Tons of fun. You can wear what you want, act how you want and nobody cares (except for you hubs..yikes). For this function all of our hometown friends come home. We always have ridiculous amounts of alcohol and crazy kegs, the biggest bottle of liquor you can find..WHATEVER you want. It is the best time. You bet on horses, get wasted and make the best memories. Although this will be my FIRST sober horse race, I know that I am still destined to have a great time. People watching at this function is at it's finest. Seriously, there is no telling what you'll see. I've def had my fair share of shameful trial moments. My very first year I went I puked inside a restaurant afterwords sitting at the table. Like I said not my best moments but still so much fun. This year I will be the DD. (There is a first time for everything) And we don't get fancy with the food and table here. Pigs in a blanket, Doritos, anything that can be bought from the gas station on the way (we always stop at this one station that has chicken)..all set out on a cardboard table with no table cloth or center piece. You don't have to worry about plates, napkins, etc. The most laid back event.
Now next weekend is a whole different story. All the girls in their Lilly dresses, guys in shirt and tie. A nice set up under a tent with matching everything. I even bring out my good serving stuff and vases with pretty flowers for the center piece. AHH we have a great time at cup too. (Although you don't really watch the race here.)
But this weekend....the weather is supposed to be AWESOME...76! I CAN'T WAIT to get some color on this skin of mine! Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll be sure to let you know about some of the crazy stuff I see on Monday. I'll leave you with a few pics from past Elloree Trials...

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