Friday, March 12, 2010

One year

I can't believe it's already been a year at my job. It has flown by! Guess now isn't the time to ask for a big raise with the bomb I dropped on him last week..yikes.
Of course I've really enjoyed working here and I've learned so much but I really miss my work buddies in Aiken. I don't have anybody to cut up with here.

This weekend Ashley and I are going to attempt to see Dear John once again. I really hope we get to see it this time. And some shopping and good food would be nice too :) I love our little dates. Of course BJ likes when I go on dates with her too b/c then he doesn't have to shop and see chick flicks.
Other than that I'm hoping on doing a lot of sleeping and cleaning my house. It has def been neglected these past couple weeks. (I've just been exhausted when I get home.) A bunch of our friends are celebrating St. Patty's day on Sat at 5pts in Cola. More power to them. Don't think that would be too much fun for me this year. Plus we have two crazy weekends coming up with back to back horse races. You know what that means. Everybody is already calling dibbs on me to drive nice, right?
Have a great weekend :)

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