Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's almost the WEEKEND!!!

Woo-hoo I love a four day work week-or should I say a longer weekend :)
I have tons of things that I would like to do this weekend but the main thing is enjoying this weather that God has blessed us with! I've really enjoyed driving home in the afternoons with the windows down and the radio up as well as grilling out! We grilled out Tues and Wed and it was oh so yummy.
Tomorrow hubs has to work until 1:30 and then he wants to go fishing in the river. (Maybe I can get the house cleaned while he's gone?!?) We may even take miss priss with us in the boat! (That should be an experience) It doesn't matter to me as long as I can get some SUN! That night BJ is planning on going to a boxing match that they're having in town with Paul Nathan. So maybe I'll get to go see The Last Song. It looks SO good! And I'll be sure to take the tissues!
Saturday are the last soccer games so we'll probably attend those then maybe head to my uncle's pond house for the day since PN's coming home. Maybe even get to take the two little turkey's (Turner & Cole) with us?!?
I also should probably get foxie Roxie groomed at some point too.
Sunday of course we will be celebrating EASTER!!! We'll go to church with my family and then my mom has invited BJ's family over for lunch. (I think she must be trying to start something so that she'll be guaranteed Easter with our little one...she hasn't said it but I'm sure she has something up her sleeve!)
I don't really mind what we end up doing this weekend. It's kind of nice to have no plans and go with the flow. I just want to be able to enjoy it in the nice weather with good company.
I've got BJ's Easter basket DONE. Although it's only two things, it was more $ than we normally spend.
Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER and don't forget why we celebrate<3

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