Monday, April 12, 2010

Ha, Ha Tiger

Can I please just tell you how happy I am that Tiger didn't win the Masters?!? He makes me sick.
We had a good weekend! Friday night we had a date to Lowe's. How nice, right?!? We are about to start updating our kitchen and we were trying to get our thoughts together on tile and colors. We had Mexican and headed home. I watched Precious (which is extremely sad) and BJ went to bed.
Saturday we got up bright and early for BJ's softball tourney. I watched the first game (they won)and then headed shopping with Ashley. I got lots of cute stuff to last me a while and ate too much. We had Wild Wings which was excellent!! Then we headed back to watch another game (they won) then it was time for us to head home and get ready for the engagement party. It was great catching up with everyone. Once again, I thought EVERYONE knew about baby E but was mistaken.
Sunday I slept late then we headed to lunch at mom and dad's and lounged all day.
I cooked a great supper last night, beef tips, mashed potatoes and green beans!! Then it was time for Brothers & Sisters and Army Wives. I watched B&S instead of Army Wives b/c it was so good. I'll have to catch Army Wives tonight or online.
By the way, I have some BIG news....WE ARE FINALLY GETTING DVR!!!!!!!! Anybody that knows me well can imagine how excited I am about this. I mean really I don't have to wait on anymore reruns!!! I CAN'T WAIT :)

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