Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little scary

We had quite the scare yesterday but have been told that Baby E is perfectly healthy.
We went for our regular check-up yesterday. (btw I only gained 1lb this month! I was a little nervous) When we got there we were told that my doctor had been called over to the hospital for a delivery and that I could either see the nurse practitioner or reschedule. Of course I said I would see the NP (she told me she had 10 years experience). She was really nice and answered our grocery list of questions then proceeded to find the baby's hb with the doppler. No such luck. She then brought the ultrasound machine in to try and see the baby's heartbeat. No such luck. The screen was blank, as if there was NO baby. She tried to reassure us that she hasn't done too many ultrasounds and that it was probably just her. Of course by this time I was a basket case and BJ looked extremely nervous. She then told us that she needed us to go to Advanced Diagnostic Imaging right away. She handed me a cup of water, told me to chug it and go. When we got to ADI of course they all knew what we were there for (we knew a few of the girls) and I'm sure that they could tell that I had been crying my eyes out. They gave me another cup of water and told me to chug it (they say it's a lot easier to see the baby when you have a full bladder). At this point I'm thinking if this woman touches my belly with the ultrasound wand I'm going to pee all over myself. Of course it was all worth it!!! As soon as she laid me on the table and put the wand on me Baby E was doing cart wheels!!! She said that the doctor probably was having trouble with the doppler because the baby was so active. We got to watch him or her for a good 20 minutes busy as could be! It was definitely a relief. For whatever reason Baby E wanted to scare mom and dad to death but in the end we got another ultrasound with tons of pictures out of it!

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