Thursday, April 8, 2010


So guess what I did this morning?!? Threw up for the first time. I was getting ready for work applying my 10th layer of mascara when it hit me....whoa nelly!!! Never saw it coming. Of course I had just taken my vitamins 20 mins before that so they def came back up. (I know yall wanted to know..HA) So I guess I'll take them again tonight??
I've been asking my mom to make me chicken pot pie for a couple weeks now and she finally did last night. It was pretty yummy but I think I ate too much! BJ said the baby must not have liked it so much.
So I've really got spring fever, summer fever whatever you want to call it. I'm ready for the beach/lake...something! We always have really busy summers but of course we love it. Let's see what the next couple months look like...
April...this weekend we have Kemp and Erin's engagement party, the 20th is BJ and Turner's bdays..
May...we have the 3rd annual CRH golf tourney, that night we have CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!, the next weekend is mother's day, the next we're trying to get a beach weekend planned at Edisto, finding out the sex of BABY E!!!!, then the next is Memorial Day weekend at the lake...
June...we're having a party for Kemp and Erin at the lake, then NEW YORK!!!!
Then it's 4th of JULY!!!!!!
All this craziness will just make the time fly before the baby is here :)

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