Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to two sweet boys!

Yep, it's here Turner & BJ's birthday! It is so hard for me to believe that it was six years ago when we were waiting patiently all night on the arrival of Turner Dane Davis! It was def a special day. He was the FIRST great grandchild in our family, the first grandchild, my FIRST nephew...he was amazing. He was the cutest little thing. When we found out Mindy's due date I of course said maybe he'll be born on BJ's birthday. Little did we know. He is the sweetest child(Cole is only sweet sometimes..haha), he always knows just what to say. It's amazing the things that he comes up with. We went ahead and gave him his present last night. He had told me that he wanted some June Bug worms, hooks and a new baseball bat. Well Aunt Katie went on a search for June Bug worms..how does a child know what these things are??? ( btw June Bug is just the color, you learn something new everyday)Of course he got all three things that he asked for. He's too cute to disappoint. Happy 6th Birthday to my precious nephew Turner Dane Davis!
I can remember making the phone call really early to BJ on the morning of 4/20/04. He was working a funny shift and I called to tell him Happy Birthday and to let him know that he would be sharing it forever from that point on, Turner was here. He of course loves Turner to pieces and they always say they are birthday buddies but BJ always jokes with my mom that he doesn't get to have "his" birthday anymore that he celebrates Turner's birthday on his birthday. Of course he's kidding but he likes to give her a hard time. This is the seventh birthday of BJ's that I've celebrated with him. Of course he is pretty spoiled too. Well he got his birthday present last weekend..the pistol that he wanted. I told he we would go on a date this weekend to celebrate too.
Once again, happy birthday to two very special people!

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