Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy, busy!

These next few days are going to be crazy busy!
Tonight we have our niece, Jordan's first playoff softball game. We are so proud of her. They moved her up from JV (she's in the 8th grade) at the end of the season and now she STARTS.
Tomorrow we both have work and then we'll be running around trying to get last minute things done (golf carts, stuff for the silent auction, etc.) to help out for the golf tournament on Saturday. Plus, I should probably hit some range balls at some point seeing that I haven't played since last year's tourney. haha Our team, Aunt Donna, Leslie (cousin), Mindy (sil) and myself won last year. Our team year before last, which was the same people minus Mindy plus Lizzie, won that year too. This is the 3rd annual CRH tourney (in memory of our friend Chris). Maybe we'll be taking home the trophy this year too...if we don't, I'm blaming it on me not being able to drink. I've never played w/o Bud Light so we shall see how this year goes with water and a bump :) Of course it will be a great time though. This is a pic that Turner took of me and Mindy last year...he was so excited that we won. And YES our team wore matching outfits lol
THEN after the tournament Ashley and I will be heading home to get ready and off we go to see CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!!!!!!!! YAY, I'm SO excited about that too :)
Sunday I will be resting b/c I'm sure I'll be worn out and I'm sure I want be able to sleep knowing that we will find out Monday morning if Baby E is a BOY or GIRL!!! AHHHH I can't hardly wait!!!!

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