Thursday, April 15, 2010

Such a BIG day :)

Let's see where do I begin?!?!?!
I know...I'm getting DVR as I typeee!!!! My dad is meeting the cable guy for me. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited. I can't wait to get home to set all of my shows to record. And I'm getting it just in time to record my shows tonight...REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NY! woo hoo Can ya tell how excited I am. I've been begging BJ for this for years! I mean I watch a ton of tv and I'm sick of missing stuff and having to watch something online or wait for the re-run.
I'm going to buy BJ the pistol that he's been wanting today. When I first thought about getting it I wanted it to be a secret. (Well if you know my family you know that's impossible) I decided that I would get his input since I was spending a good bit. I didn't want to get the wrong thing and what not. Yesterday I met BJ at the gun place on our lunch and he told me it was "the one". Seriously it's like we're talking about a wedding dress or something. Anyways, I'm going back today to make that sucker mine. Well his but in my name. He asked me last night if I got it this week was I going to let him have it before his bday. Of course I said no, b/c he always tells me that, "you have to wait until Christmas day or your birthDAY", but I'm going to give him the dang thing Sat morning before he leaves for his day with the boys.
Lastly, tomorrow is Miss Julie's 83rd bday. (The cleaning lady at the office that I've grown so attached to.) I'm taking her to lunch today. She said she wants to go to Duke's, which is right up my alley :)

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