Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Jersey Shore
Real Housewives of NJ
Bachelor Pad
Okay..we all love it...some don't like to admit to it but secretly you love it (I often catch B "enjoying" them)....what is it?? Good 'ol trash tv!!! I seriously cannot get enough. I often wonder what it was like before I had DVR?!? (As if it were that long ago!)
This summer while all of my regular shows have been on break I have become consumed in the reality tv world. There is seriously something every night!
My summer tv schedule...
Sundays: T.O. Show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (my fav family)and Army Wives (which sadly ended last week)
Mondays: The Bachelor Pad and Real Housewives of NJ
Tuesdays: Teen Mom
Wednesdays: Real World
Thursdays: JERSEY SHOREEEEE and I was watching Bethany Getting Married too
Fridays: Jerseylicious
I mean really I get so wrapped up in these shows...like they are my real life "friends". I know that they are silly but they are SO entertaining.
Last night while watching Bachelor Pad they kept showing all of the upcoming season premiers for all of the abc shows and that just got me even more excited...I mean really I'm going to be home for 6 weeks I'm going to need some good stuff to watch while my sweet baby is occupied. I think I should go ahead and make sure my dvr is set to record everything in advance "just in case" it slips my busy mind. Is that possible..to set something a month in advance?!? We'll find out soon :)
Finally, the encouragement for this post came from the revealing of the new cast of.... I have to admit...I'm slightly disappointed. The only people I'm looking forward to watching are Audrina and "The Situation"...

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