Monday, August 9, 2010

It's HOT

So our a/c at work is STILL acting up. Today the thermostat says 90! SERIOUSLY, if I wanted to work in the heat I would have become a farmer or construction worker!!! I can feel my feet swelling as I type... Needless to say, I have a box fan sitting beside my desk blowing directly on me.

ANYways...another weekend has come and gone. I had a great time with the girls, ate some yummy food (including amazing desserts)and got some good shopping in. We literally shopped til we dropped. I got a few things for me for the hospital, some stuff for the house from Ikea, some adorable stuff for Davis and a couple other things for myself. I slept like a rock Friday (even running Sarah out of her own bed with my snoring...sorry Say) and Saturday nights (Roxie and I slept like Queens in the bed by ourselves).

I'm officially PUMPED for my shower on Sunday. I may or may not have looked at my registry to see what people have bought and I may have been extremely pumped to see what has been purchased :)

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