Monday, August 16, 2010

Whirlwind of a Weekend

We had such an exciting eventFULL weekend!
Friday we had out maternity pictures done (which I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE) and had dinner with Nicole and the kids.
Saturday BJ had to work and I cleaned house and caught up on my dvr ;) Then we had a date night to the grocery store (Wal-Mart) and Zaxby's (how classy right??). Mama and Daddy kept miss priss for us since the weather was so nasty so we hung out a little with them when we got back into town.
Sunday was nonstop craziness. We went to church, had lunch with mom and dad, mom and I headed to my shower (which was absolutely amazing..we are so blessed to have such loving friends and family...Davis got some REALLY good stuff), BJ came and loaded all of our gifts, mom and I went to Carmen's baby shower, then to a Ragsland trunk show, and finally home to put away and put together. Needless to say I was exhausted last night.
Also, I have managed to scare the poop out of my mom and husband this weekend...
Sunday morning I awoke to BJ's phone beeping with missed calls from my mom (my phone was off). I immediately panicked when I saw that they were at 5AM. I told BJ that he would have to call her and see what was wrong that I just couldn't take any bad news...well jokes on me...someone called mom and dad's house at 5am, when mom got to the phone it had quit ringing, she looked at the id and saw my number, immediately thought I was in labor or something was wrong, she called our phones and couldn't get us so she came to the house to see that all of the lights were off and both cars were home..she went home, woke dad up, he looked at the id and saw that the call from me was from 5PM the previous day...the id hadn't picked up the 5am caller.
THEN, this morning when B left for work he put Roxie outside. Well about 15 mins later she was going crazy barking and acting fool, so much that it woke me up and I of course knew "something" was outside. Of course, me being the scaredy(yes I know that's not a word) cat that I am, was scared to go outside in the dark to see what it was, I call B so that he can be on the phone with me when the "something" gets me (haha..why I didn't grab a flashlight or something I have no clue) he doesn't answer so I brave up and see on my own. Only to not be able to see what it was, I'm assuming a snake, get little miss psycho and run back inside. I left my phone on vibrate in the kitchen, like always, after tossing and turning and getting crazy dog settled down I'm half asleep when all of a sudden I see lights on in my house and my husband busting through the bedroom door...freaked out that something was wrong he had been trying to call and decided when he couldn't get me to come home to see what was up (keep in mind he works 30 mins away)!! I felt horrible that I had him so worried..Needless to say, I think I'll be keeping my phone in the bedroom with me from now on to save everyone a heart attack!
Sorry for the for some pics :)
Almost 4 generations, Mom, Gma & Auntie

Mommy dearest and Gma

Some of the pretty girls posing with lard butt :)

Of course Penny Lane had to get in on the pics...

A not so ready me with two of my adorable nieces who are so excited about Davis

Some of the goodies

One of my amazing sister in laws...she the one who tells me the real deal about what to expect :)

Sarah and Ashley posing with shiny face

Yes, Carmen is a week ahead of me and yes I realize that I'm bigger...

Mommy dearest cheesing...(OH yeah!! She got Davis his car seat and stroller combo that we were SOOOO excited about :))

Opening gifts and explaining to Sarah and Mrs. Nancy what everything is lol

His FIRST Carolina jersey!!! GO COCKS!

Baby Daddy came to help load up..

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