Monday, August 2, 2010

So exhausted!

We had a great weekend celebrating the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Purvis! However, I am beyond exhausted. Paparazzi, Sarah, of course took tons of pics but I haven't seen them yet. I will be sure to post some when I do. We have another busy week/weekend coming up and it just continues into Fall. Hopefully September will be a little slower as far as going so that we can prep for Davis!! (ONLY 8 WKS LEFT!!)
After going through everything that Stacey and Mindy have given us, his dresser is filling up fast!
We have our last ultrasound scheduled for Thursday and couldn't be more excited.
We have a "list" of things to do before the big day and it seems like the "list" just keeps growing! I have a list from the Dr, a list from our books, my list, his list....yes I am an extreme planner but ahhhhh I'm all "listed" out.
On another note tonight is the bach finale!! Who do you think it will be, if any?!?!

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