Monday, August 30, 2010

34 weeks

Not quite ready but this was taken on 34 wks exactly..

Playing around with his car seat...
Changing table and frames w/ no pics haha

His closet is filling up...
We are so lucky to have made it this far with all of the "scares" that we have had throughout this pregnancy but Davis and I remain 100% healthy and I am so anxious to meet this little fella!
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 weeks (sorry I'm late this week but we're almost to 35!)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 21lbs
Maternity Clothes: Of course
Best Moment this week:
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis Samuel Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it but I'm convinced he is either out of room or just loves stretching and making me feel like my belly is going to explode! haha
Food Craving: nothing crazy just food in general..mostly sweets
What I miss: sushi and beer
Sleep: It's hard to get comfortable but I sleep good once I'm all of the bathroom breaks...yikes and apparently I snore pretty loud and I've been doing some serious drooling...haha
What I am looking forward to: So much to look forward too but the closest is our next shower on the 12th!
Belly Button: In for now...
Symptoms: I've started getting quite uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day and I have been experiencing some swelling :(

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