Monday, May 17, 2010

Where do the weekends go?!?

We had a good weekend but once again busy as ever!
Friday BJ started on our tile while I went to the Relay for Life and baseball game (we won and play for state this week). When I got home that night BJ went to bed and I stayed up to watch Private Practice from Thursday night. Whoa nelly...I cried my eyes out..I'm talking hysterical!! Poor baby E was probably wondering what in the world!!
Saturday while BJ played in a softball tournament Mom and I went shopping. We hit up Sam's for stuff for this weekend (beach), ordered Baby E's furniture (it will be here in 3-4 weeks!!! ahhhhhh), grabbed lunch at Firehouse (one of my favs), got tons of maternity clothes from Kohl's and Old Navy, and headed home with the top down. I got a little pink on my chest from the ride but it was fun, oh and Ash don't worry mom even got us ice cream :) haha
Once I got home it was time to get ready and head back to Columbia for Aubrey and Richard's Lawn and Garden Shower. It was fun and was nice to catch up with all the girls and of course some baby talk with Lindsay (the newest mommy to be). I was so exhausted when I got home.
Yesterday was church, lunch with the parents, BJ finished the tile, I took a nap (imagine that), then we headed over to Russell and Caitlin's for BJ to help Russell move something and I played a little with precious Dakota and talked with Caitlin on what to and not to register for.

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