Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Well yesterday I got a nice surprise in the mail. Don't you just LOVE surprises in the mail?!?! Of course BJ thought I had been ordering MORE stuff online, when I tried to convince him otherwise he said "you order so much you probably forget". No, BJ I really didn't, I open it up, it's a package from GAP, now I know somebody has sent me something, it's a cute top for me and an adorable onesie for Baby E that says I love Mommy with a sweet note from Lizzie saying Happy Mother's Day!! Of course here come the waterworks. I was so excited! Thanks SOOOO much Lizzie! So this weekend there is a lot going on. My sil and bro are headed to her sister's college grad so we have two little turkeys spending the night :) BJ has to work tomorrow so I told Turner we would do something extra special and really fun. I'm thinking finally tackling Monkey Joe's! Tomorrow is also Miss Ava's birthday party, who I have the cutest gift for, but I'll have to share it with yall next week b/c her mom reads the blog and she needs to be surprised! Dawson, my friend Nicole's son, also has a game tomorrow. So, I'm going to TRY and do everything but we'll see how it turns out with the boys.
Sunday we'll get together with BJ's mom to see her for Mother's Day. My mom is in Vegas with my Dad for work and they took my Gma. I can't wait to see pics of my grandma sitting at the slot machine! haha

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