Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby E is def a BOY!!!!!

Yay!!! We had a great appointment yesterday. Baby E seemed very relaxed during our full anatomy exam. I cannot wait to meet HIM!!!!!! He had his hands by his face the whole time and was just laying there letting us look at EVERYTHING :) The lady doing our ultrasound said he has a head full of hair...can't imagine where he gets that from..haha. We are going to focus on a middle name for the next few days. Who knows maybe it will come to his father when we are laying on the beach Saturday!
Now onto decisions about crib bedding and registering. I can't wait to pick out all the cute little things!
Last night the Red Raiders won the first game of the State Championship playoffs. They play again on Thursday at home. Hopefully that will be the end and we will have another State Championship :) I'm hoping that BJ finishes grouting the kitchen tonight so we'll get to go. Maybe I'll even help him. ha (The last few nights I've been catching up on my recorded shows while he was working...isn't that horrible?!? How about all of these season finales. I mean talk about cliff hangers!!!) I am so ready to have a kitchen and laundry room again!!! This eating out for every meal is getting pretty expensive.
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday..yes Wednesday...this week is dragginggggg.

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