Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Girls & Baby Talk

Last night we went to Jordan and Payton's dance recital. They both did excellent and we are so proud of them. I actually even took two pictures, aren't you impressed?!? I'm really trying to get better. The sad thing is that my camera stays in my purse so there is no reason for not taking pictures!
Next topic..
I'm really struggling with nursery ideas. I'm ordering my furniture this weekend and extremely stoked about it but still undecided on the bedding. So far our favorite is a simple set from Gap if we find out that he is for sure a boy. I think it goes great with our family. (the dogs on it are beagles just like miss foxie Roxie)
I've seen more that I like but they have just been wayyyyy to expensive. I mean I want the best for my baby but I don't want to spend $600 either!!
I've also "picked" one out for a girl just in case. It's apple green, pale pink and white. Very modern.
Now onto the walls. I have no idea what color I should paint them if I go with the Gap set. I was thinking a really pale blue just to have some color??
Next week we will have the decision to make of where to register...Babies R Us or Target. As much as I LOVEEEE Target they are a real pain in the butt to return stuff and let's face it, people don't always stick to your registry.
decisions, decisions, decisions....

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  1. I say register at both!!! Most people do that anyway!