Thursday, May 6, 2010

Totally Random

Okay so this post is totally random but I have so much to say!!!
1.) I ordered some stuff from Target week before last and if finally came in!!! I got this bathing suit, and two pairs of pants for work that are very comfortable(which I really needed). Not sure how cute they are. They have lots of "room" in the butt area. Let's hope my butt doesn't ever fill them up or we are in trouble.
2.) I ordered this yesterday for my sweet baby.. How perfect are these since he will be born during CAROLINA FOOTBALL :) (For all of you that know me well, you know we try to attend every home game since my dad gets us all season tickets. However, hubs and I have already discussed this season and have decided we will probably only attend the USC vs. UGA game. Which, is a must but it is always BLAZING hott at this game (it's in September))
3.) Foxie Roxie officially has me wrapper around her little paw! As if we didn't already know that right?!? Well it's really bad. She has gotten really attached to me here lately. For the last few nights she's been crying and crying when I "put her to bed". (She sleeps in the laundry room during the week in her bed.) The first two nights I just went and got her and sneaked her in the bed hoping she would wake up hubs (since she sleeps on my side). One night I had been running the dryer (which for some reason she freaks out when we put her in there if it's on...I think it's the heat coming off of the dryer since her bed is right beside it) and one night was when it was storming really bad. Well the third night I was so exhausted when I laid in the bed I said to myself if she was still crying in five minutes I would get her...well I fell asleep before those five mins were up so I'm assuming she gave up. Then last night...poor baby I just couldn't take her crying after those 5 mins. As I was sneaking her into the bed her collar jingled and BJ said now she's got you wrapped, she knows you'll get her! Oh well, it's official..she is ROTTEN :)
4.) Tiffany over at Life is Glamorous and Fabulous is talking about slumber parties from when she was younger and it just made me reminisce about the good old days...playing MASH (who didn't play that and when you got shack instead of mansion everyone laughed at you or it said you were going to marry the dorky guy) JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)..hello what girl didn't like him, getting in trouble at church b/c all the girls were sitting together giggling during the sermon (of course on the front pew), NKOTB what what haha (I acutally have them on my IPOD now), scaring the mess out of each other talking about ouija board (which I have NEVER played b/c I was too scared!), oh to be that young again without a worry in the world. And look where we are (which I would def not go back and do it all over)! In less than 5 short months I'll be a MOM!!!
Have a fabulous day pals :)

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  1. You are already a mom! The day that sweet baby starts growing in your belly! Love ya!