Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay so I know how yall just love my random thoughts...
#1 I cannot stop thinking about Davis!!! It probably has something to do with how active he has been today...I mean he is going crazy in there. BJ said he must really like Fruity Pebbles :) (that's what I've been eating for breakfast this week) Or maybe he's going to be like this for the rest of the time?? (21 weeks is Friday!!!) I can't wait to start on his nursery. Since BJ has been so busy with the kitchen I told him he could have the week off this week (aren't I nice?!?) then we could start on his room next week. We have to move ALL of BJ's crap (deer heads, fish, turkey tails, squirrel, all of the mounted stuff)out!! When we first got married I told him that was the only place his hunting, softball and all the other stuff could go. Well now that Davis is's GOT TO GO. Can we say attic?!? Not to mention our furniture will be here in 2-3 weeks so we've got to have somewhere to put it. AND I have some stuff to go in his closet.. imagine that!?!
Now onto my tv friends :)
#2 So sad for Erin and Maks I've always loved Erin Andrews so when they announced that she was going to be on DWTS I was thrilled. Of course everyone in America knew that Nicole and Derek were going to win but that was given. Erin did awesome and I just love her and Maks together..who knows maybe they like being together too :) I really did enjoy this season though.
#3 Poor Ali How about the guys that she has to choose from? I mean I think Jesse, Roberto and Cape Cod boy are the only ones worth the while. But seriously they are going to some awesome places this season. I mean who wouldn't want to fall in love in Tahiti?!?
#4 Get a grip Kelly Now yall know I love me some Real Housewives...Orange County, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey it doesn't matter to me..I love them all! But, come on New York! Yall need to get it together this season. Stop hating on Bethany (btw I can't wait to see her new show), Ramona is ALWAYS going to be crazy, LuAnn needs to get over herself (I mean does she really think she can sing?!?), Jill, hun, you've always been one of my favs but you're killing me this season...make up your mind are you hating Bethany or trying to make up?, Alex, I think this is your best season and lastly...KELLY, what is going on with you?!?! The way you have been acting on this "girls" trip the past couple episodes...I think you have snakes in your head (BJ says we(females) all do) you seem so bipolar!
Lastly I'll leave this craziness with a pic from Turner's grad that I stole from his mommy :)

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