Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby bump

Okay, sorry folks if you're tired of hearing about my baby but I'm slightly obsessed :)
So, today while at lunch with my amazing cousin-in-law (who we can blame some of this bump on..she feeds me so good lol), we had the discussion of belly buttons-innies and outies. Ya see my husband has this phobia about outies (sorry if you have one). They just really gross him out. He really hopes that our baby has a "pretty" belly button??? (as if any of them are pretty) I'm really hoping that mine doesn't come out during my pregnancy. I mean I can just see me big and fat with something coming out of my already voluptuous stomach-not very attractive. (Not that I think I'll be/am attractive already.) So this brings me to my next belly cast or not to belly cast?!? So I first saw this when one of my bffs, Kendra, did it while pregnant with little Hank. I thought it was so neat and had never seen it before. Hank joked about what they would do with it by saying that they would use it as a serving dish when they have turkey in the belly and mashed potatoes and gravy in the boobs (her boobs were SOOOO big when she was preg). Now you hear about it more frequently. Most people decorate it and then display it in the baby's room. I just think it would be something neat to have but wonder if it is a little weird?? I think it would be cute to take to a local painter and have her do something with the baby's name or some design?? Or maybe not even display it but just to know to compare to future pregnancies?? Who knows what I'll decide but I think I'm going to add the kit to my registry and see if someone gets it...hint hint haha Later haters :)

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