Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice and crispy

We had a great time at the beach this weekend but we all got a lil crispy. We'll blame my crispiness on these pregnancy hormones. Hubs on the other hand, we'll blame his on his whiteness. I mean I've never been burnt like this before. I mean I can barely wear shoes the tops of my feet hurt so badly. I applied 45 numerous times and wasn't out too terribly long. The trip was def relaxing. I didn't wear makeup or fix my hair (I know kind of scary) and wore bum clothes all weekend. It was great! And to top it off the kids had a blast. They were so excited about everything. Cole just kept saying everything was "awesome"...I could seriously eat him up. They especially loved crabbing and when Uncle BJ (even though I went too) took them to the arcade. It was a great family trip but we did miss Paul Nathan and Kelley.
We returned yesterday and finished getting the kitchen back together then took a long nap. I actually get to cook supper tonight (which I haven't done in two weeks). Here are some photos from our weekend. Unfortunately I didn't take too many.


  1. Love the pics...hmmm, you are not in any of them :) Those boys are just too cute!

  2. DUH!!! I said I bummed all weekend...haha But really I didn't have any with me.