Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing up so fast...

Turner Dane lost his first tooth!!! He wanted to lose it on "vacation" b/c my aunt told him the night before we left that if you lose it on vacation that you get double money. Needless to say he was wiggling that thing all weekend and then what do ya know he lost it when he got home Sunday.
Tomorrow is his 5k graduation, which I'm so sad that I'll miss but I know Mindy and Duke will take lots of pictures. He also has his last tball game this week. (Next year he will be moving up to Coaches Pitch.) This is just a little much for one week! He is def not a baby anymore...
Turner Dane Davis,
You always amaze me! You are so smart and the sweetest little boy I know. (Not to mention the cutest blonde hair, blue eyed little boy we've ever seen.) You always know what to say and when to say it. You are such a great big brother and I can only imagine the big cousin you'll be to Davis. I have just one request, can you please slow down for me (and your mom and Grandma too)? You're getting too big, way too fast!
Aunt Katie

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  1. Such a sweet blog! You always make me cry...