Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So far...

This weekend as hubs and I were discussing the new year and resolutions (which he said he had none..hmm) I told him that mine were..
Ya see, growing up I was quite the hoarder of money. I never wanted to spend "my" money. Well, not much has changed except for the fact that if I'm going to buy something I have to spend "my" money these days. Hubs thinks that I am completely ridiculous when it comes to spending and or saving. He doesn't understand that every now and then you "have" to spruce up your closet, however, he is the first to say that he doesn't like something that I'm wearing. He wouldn't dare take me out in public looking a hot mess. He thinks that is absolutely crazy that I "have" to buy makeup yet agrees that I shouldn't necessarily make a habit of not wearing it. (While on maternity leave my mom and him both said they couldn't wait for me to go back to work so that I would #1 get out of my pj's and #2 start back wearing makeup.) He would also be quick to say that it is absurd that I "have" to dress my sweet little boy in the most adorable clothes ever even if it means that I won't eat out for lunch during the week. I mean really who could turn down Gap, Kelly's Kids, RagsLand, Shrimp and Grits Kids, or just all things smocked or cute for that matter. BUT, since we, one day in the near future, would like to purchase a bigger house, I have decided that I really need to focus more on saving money. I mean I'm going to a lot of new stuff for my "new to us" house, right?!? I mean who wants to take the same 'ol stuff that you've had forever, even if there isn't technically anything wrong with it?!? Exactly!! So while hubs is saving for our new house I'm saving for our new furniture for our new house. I mean I've always dreamed of the house that we would raise our children in and although it's a little far fetched it's like one of the pictures you've seen in Pottery Barn. And let's face it...that stuff ain't cheap!! So, back to the point....to accomplish this thing the call saving yesterday I opened a new savings account. Every time I use my debit card or pay a bill online through online banking with my bank $1 will go to this "Katie's New Snazzy Crib" fund! I also set it up to draft a certain amount each month from my checking account. Cha Ching...I've got this under control. Now if only hubs could get his part of the deal taken care of (which he may or may not be in agreement with this plan).
PLUS, yesterday I brought my lunch (leftovers) so that I wouldn't have to buy lunch AND that kept us from just tossing it out once we were tired of eating it. I mean we did eat it for 3 straight meals. AND while grocery shopping this weekend I bought enough to last us a good two weeks so that I wouldn't do any running to the store for 1 thing and come out with 15 sort of thing.
I'm on the right track, right?!?
2. Be a better wife.
Let's face it, no matter how wonderful your marriage is there is always room for improvement. As hubs says I'm quite the "nagger". Although I don't consider you leaving your shoes in the middle of the floor and me tripping up and about breaking my neck as well as baby love's and me telling you to please put your shoes up OR you leaving your dirty clothes on the floor right beside the dirty clothes hamper "cough, cough" nagging. But I will try to do less. I also feel that by accomplishing my "saving" that in hub's eyes I will be a better wife b/c it will make him happy. I want to be a better listener for him. I need to focus on the moment and being happy with our little family and not whether or not the dishes are done, clothes washed, or floor vacuumed. He says quite frequently that it doesn't bother him if there are dishes in the sink or dirt on the floor..it can wait a day. I need to adopt this. Our baby is only going to be a baby once and if we want to lay in the middle of the floor and make silly faces at him for 2 hours at night so what, the chores can wait until tomorrow. Even though I feel that I need to be with our handsome little fella 24/7 I need to make alone time with B. It doesn't have to be a fancy smancy night on the town but just time with just the two of us. (I'm pretty sure this part is going to be the hardest although his Gma and Nana may be super pumped.) And b/c I know he is probably going to be reading this...I love you even more today that I did on this day...even though I don't always act like it.
Right before I posted this post I looked back at my resolutions post for last year and guess what???? My resolutions were the exact same!!! What the crap?!? How did I not remember that?? So as you can guess I suck at resolutions just like everyone else in this world so I'm going to make a point to stick to it this year! Maybe I can do a few other things to better myself but I won't bore you anymore with the nonsense of taking more pictures mostly of my little chunky monkey, cooking "different" things instead of the same things over and over, giving more and not just monetarily, and possibly not watching so much "crap" as B would say, on tv. (Let's face it...that last one probably isn't going to happen...who else is pumped about everything starting back??? MEEEEEEEE!

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