Wednesday, January 20, 2010


2009 was a great year. Crazy busy, but great. It had some really highs and some sad lows. It was our first full year as Mr. and Mrs. Roy Samuel Ehrhardt, Jr. (woohoo) We had a lot of pre-wedding parties and weddings, including but not limited to my bother, Paul Nathan and Kelley, as well as numerous childhood friends, such as Say-rah & Steve-o, Shaney & Hillary, Blake & Charlie, and Matt & Lindsay...phew what an expensive year. We also lost my Popa in September which was really hard.
As the new year started I decided to make two resolutions.
1. To be a better wife. (I'm sure BJ is so excited about this one) I don't think I'm a bad wife I just think that there is always room for improvement. Maybe I should cook and clean a little more, whine and complain a little less and just enjoy my husband!
2. To save money. (I'm sure BJ is even more excited about this one) I don't go crazy but I do love to shop. What girl doesn't?!? I've decided that every paycheck I will put a certain amount into my savings got that right MY savings accout..hahaha It also wouldn't hurt to start using coupons. I've attempted before but wasn't very successful.
Here's to twenty-ten!

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