Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally FRIDAY!!

I'm going to fist pump my way through this morning at work. Yeah I said fist pump....Jersey Shore is such a hoot. Last night there was just way too much on tv. I'm seriously addicted to tv. If my tight husband doesn't cave it and let us get dvr I'm going to lose it :) So Grey's and Private Practice was good but I was still looking for more. I missed Real Housewives of OC and Jersey Shore finale and the reunion. Guess I'll have to catch the re-runs over the weekend.
Today I'm get to leave work at 1...hollerrrr I should probably go to the gym but I'm thinking..NOT. Tonight is date night with the's been a while since we've had date night. I'm hoping I can talk him into seeing It's Complicated! (I'll def let you know) Then tomorrow we're keeping Cole for Trey and Mindy to go off for her bday.
Oh and Gma is doing much better. She was so excited when we went to see her yesterday. She had lots of visitors, the room was full of flowers and she loved her cake that I took her. We're thinking she is coming home this morning!!! God is good!

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