Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Or maybe I should say ice day b/c we sure didn't get a lot of snow. But it's by God's grace that I haven't busted my booty taking Roxie out to tee tee today. Our town is literally "shut down" even the grocery store! It's silly when you think about it but boy am I thankful for an extra day home in our pj's with our love bug. The ice is supposed to get pretty bad today and they are saying that we should prepare for power outages. Do you know what that would mean?!? ANOTHER snow day = no work!!!
This weekend hubs and I survived our first date night. I only called 3 times to check on baby cakes. I was proud of myself. (I know yall are thinking seriously, 3 times?!?!) We went and saw "How Do You Know" with Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon, had dinner at Carrabba's and bowled with some friends. Note to self...jeggings may be cute with boots but they are far from cute with bowling shoes.
Yesterday and today we have been hanging out in pj's, catching up on dvr and getting lots of sugar from the cutest little boy ever (see pics to prove it).

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  1. I could just BITE him!! So presh!!
    love you :)