Monday, January 31, 2011

4 months

Holy smokes our baby is a big boy! What a month it has been.
Your stats:
You weigh 16lbs 2 ozs (are scales at home were obviously wrong) and are 25.2 inches long. (about 70th percentile for both) We always knew you would be above average ;)
You are in size 3 diapers, size 6-9 mth jammies and mostly 6 mth clothing. You are still wearing your 1 1/2 robeez. Mama and Daddy put those adorable size 2 Sperry's on you all the time but in no time you have kicked them off.
You eat 80zs every 3 1/2-4 hours and are starting cereal tonight for the first time. Your dr even told us that we could start you on stage 1 foods whenever we were ready. Slow down punkin' you're going too fast!
You have started so many new things this month. Playing with your hair when you are tired, sucking your thumb, pulling your socks off, trying to roll out of your bouncy seat and carseat. You name it, you're trying it.
You are still trying to get teeth but we still haven't felt anything.
You had your first overnight trip this weekend and you weren't a big fan of sleeping away from home. For some reason you just refused to be in the pack-n-play.
Most of the time you sleep from about 8:30-7 or so. Occasionally you wake up for a bottle around 5 and go back to sleep.
We try to read a book to you each night before bedtime and you stare at the pages like you know we are saying and what the pictures are.
You are quite the flirt with the ladies. This month you have started batting your eyes and grinning at every pretty girl you see. You try to spit game but they can't understand you. It's okay though Mama's not ready for that.
You are very "interested" in big sis, Roxie. You want to pull her ears so bad but can't quite figure it out. You come pretty close though and she just takes it. Anytime you are around other dogs and come home she has to sniff you all over. By the way, I don't think she's very happy with you when you come home smelling like other dogs. Keep it up and she may stop playing with you.
Sweet boy,
Mama and Daddy have really loved watching your personality grow this past month. You are such a joy to be around. You hardly ever fuss and love to give Mama sugar. We can't wait to see what you learn this month but we want to savor every second of these times. It is so hard to believe that you are already four months old. We love you to the moon and back!
Here are some pics before we attempt cereal! Woo hoo!!


  1. He is so cute!!! I could just EAT him up :) i especially love that thumb sucking picture!!!

  2. I am glad I rediscovered your blog. It's something about being a mommy that makes you interested in other moma's lives and their precious little ones. I am so happy for you that you are documenting everything. I, sadly, didn't do that consistantly and now am mad at myself for it. He is such a sweet boy!