Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie on What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I'm loving that we are two work days away from the stinkin' weekend!!

I'm loving that Spring is approaching fast. I can't wait for warmer weather for babycakes to be able to wear some of these adorable clothes that I have been purchasing and then on to the beach for vacation and so on. It's just going to be such a good summer with Davis and I can't hardly wait!

I'm loving this baby boy more and more everyday...

I'm loving that we are attempting our first overnight trip as a family of 3. (Yes, Foxie Roxie is staying home with Duke and Gma.) We are headed to Uncle Paul's-wish us luck!

I'm loving some good trash tv...Real Housewives, Teen Mom and of course Jersey Shore...mostly Jersey Shore b/c that is the one show that hubs and I love to watch together :)

Lastly, I'm loving that today was my last day of physical therapy! Woo hoo I can have my lunch breaks back!


  1. Hey! New follower! your in SC , what part?!

    Your lil boy is presh! :)

    whoohoo for today last day of PT :)

    i'm a sucker for reality tv too!

    yay for the weekend being close !

    good luck as you travel as family of 3, will be praying for y'all !

  2. Thanks :)
    Yes, about an hour west of Charleston!