Friday, January 7, 2011


  • I know I ate at Zaxby's way too much when I was prego when today I went and the cashier said "I know you've got a pic of that baby to show me!" AND I always go through the drive thru so I must have really been huge.
  • Last night I recorded all of my Thurs night shows so I will be watching Grey's, Private Practice, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and last but not least...JERSEY FREAKIN' SHOREEEEE tonight!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!
  • My son is the most handsome little boy I've ever seen. This morning he was too cute for words in his big boy jacket, Gap jeans, monogrammed shirt and sperry's. AHH I could eat him with a spoon :)
  • I'm finally getting a date with hubs tomorrow night but I'm a little sad b/c I don't want to leave sweet boy. Is this normal??? I mean when B told me we were going on a date and he had arranged for his mom to come keep him I almost cried. I know we need our alone time but I leave him Mon-Friday for work :(
  • My "saving" is really going to be tested when we go to Target tomorrow.
  • Davis has slept from 9pm-8am the last two nights! I guess he does like to sleep after all.
  • I want B to build this for our kitchen
  • Today is an old friend's birthday. He would have been 28. I know it's selfish of me but I wish he were here to enjoy D and make us laugh like he used to.

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  1. Its completely normal to feel like you do about the date night, but you will have fun!