Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Blues

I'm so sorry for being so slack lately. I feel like I just haven't had anything to talk about other than my sweet baby that I talk about 24/7. I'm needing some inspiration...
It hasn't been too rough of a day but boy oh boy am I ready to be home! I think I need a weekend from the weekend. Or maybe just a vacation?!?
Our weekend recap..
Friday night we went out to eat to one of my favorite places for Grandma and Mindy's birthdays. Grandma's was Friday (71) and Mindy's is today (32). We had a great time but I forgot my camera and so did hubs. Davis was so stinkin' cute in one of his new smocked outfits. I'll def have to get a picture of him in it before he outgrows it. I could eat him with a spoon! (I also purchased a few other smocked outfits for him last week that I can't wait to show yall...I'm pretty convinced that I have a problem....I am crazy over all things smocked, monogrammed or just plain cute for my little man...Daddy may have a heart attack before it is all said and done.)
Saturday we went to Payton's basketball game...bless her little heart she is the smallest one on the team but she tries hard.
Yesterday Ashley H. and I went and saw The was pretty good. Now I can mark that one off of my list.

Now on to the real reason people read my blog...this cutie patootie!

Good gravy this boy looks like his daddy's twin!!!


  1. I totally don't know what to blog about sometimes, too!! I'm doing a fun link up today to showcase blogs! Check it out!