Monday, September 13, 2010

So close yet so far away....

So out of 4 other girls that I know that are/were expecting at the end of this month, one has delivered and 2 are scheduled to be induced this week. I can't stop thinking about him being here. He consumes my every thought....literally. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed that it is so close and other times it seems like it's taking forever. Anyways, the questions of the month are "Are you ready?" and "Are you scared?" or "Can you believe it?" My answers...I'm more than ready, I'm not scared just extremely anxious (I'm sure I'll be a little nervous once "the time" actually comes.) and no I can't believe it. YIKES!! Ready or not here he comes :)
We had a good weekend. Boy was it a hot/swollen one though. My gamecock maternity shirt was a huge hit. I had so many random strangers coming up to me and telling me how much they loved my shirt and how crazy I was for being that pregnant in the heat to support our gamecock. I even had two people ask if they could take a picture of me??'s one of the pics (not a very good one) that I took with my Aunt Suzie...

The boys had a large time. Cole absolutely loved seeing Cocky and had to make sure he could see him the whole game. Him holding "his cocky".. It was pretty hot so we ended up going back to our tailgate in the fourth quarter. BTW..if you haven't already heard...OUR GAMECOCKS SHOWED OUT and beat UGA :)
Sunday I had another shower that was hosted by our dear friend's family (one who passed away two years ago and his brother) they've always been like family to us and they were so sweet to give Davis an amazing shower. The people, food and gifts were all amazing...CAUTION: don't say I didn't warn you about the glad you can't see my pitiful feet! Hostesses with the mostesses (Chris & Shane's sisters and cousin) Some of the goodies...
Me with Chris and Shane's Mema
Me and Mrs. Donna-Chris and Shane's mom
some of the awesome desserts
showing off his gamecock jersey...we'll say that 5 is for Gilmore and not Garcia..haha
mom, gma and me...notice my mother trying to match me...and she wore that on purpose b/c she knew what I was wearing..ha

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Good luck with baby Davis - he will be here before you know it!