Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Busy

This week has been extremely busy at work..not sure if it was the four day week or the two atty's just catching up or even just the whole no a/c deal but boy oh boy am I ready for quittin' time!
Mom and Dad with the boys during our family photo session last November...of course my brothers were doing silly things behind the photographers back to try and get Cole to smile and look what she caught :)
Yesterday was my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary! And, how did they spend it?? They have the boys for the weekend (which they couldn't be more excited about) and invited hubs and I over for dinner. We all quizzed Turner for his math and spelling tests that he had today and got so tickled at some of the things he came up with, laughed hysterically at Cole, who has become quite the comedian, and had a great evening. Hubs and I were home and in the bed by 9...our kind of night :)
I was supposed to be meeting two college friends tonight for dinner about an 1 1/2 away but that has now been canceled. Courtney (one of my college roommates who is from Ohio) has been in NC for the week for vacation. She has an adorable little boy and just recently had twin girls. She is leaving to NC tomorrow morning to head back home and just decided that it would be too much to drive a total of 7 hours today with 3 little ones and then make that journey back tomorrow. It actually probably works out best for me b/c I could use a little down time at home before another busy weekend.
Tomorrow we are headed to see our Gamecocks play the Georgia bulldogs. It's an early game so say a little prayer that the heat holds off some, for my sake :) I'll be sporting my Gamecock maternity shirt proudly while hubs sips on his cold beer...ahem.
Then on Sunday we have another shower. I am oh so excited so see everyone and so blessed to have so many people welcoming Davis into this world with adorable stuff. I'll tell ya all about it Monday...and hopefully I'll have some pics too!
Have a great weekend!

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