Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleaned, organized, and READY!!!

It's been a busy yet slow weekend if that makes sense. Friday I had my last day of work for a while, ran some errands, picked out my "push" present :) and ended the day with dinner at my favorite place..just me and hubs.
Saturday hubs worked and my MIL came and helped me around the house. We scrubbed and scrubbed, organized and organized some more. Mom helped us with sprucing up the outside for fall. (I'll post a pic for yall later.) Hubs surprised me with INTERNET at home..woo hoo...I was super pumped :) We lounged and watched a few football games then headed to mom and pops for wings and some Carolina football. It was a tough game but I'm still proud to be a Gamecock.
Today I slept late and we've just been lounging and I've been catching up on thank you notes. Now we're headed for shrimp and grits with Mom, Dad and Gma. Today would have been my Papa's bday :(
I'm excited about two more season premiers tonight...Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!
Lastly, my friend Carmen had her baby boy yesterday! Baby Levi weighed in at 7lbs 5ozs. I just knew we would be in the hospital together but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

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