Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Boy

We had a busy weekend with our little man and were super excited for Daddy to be home! Friday we just hung out and watched the Braves (great game). That night BJ and I took shifts for the night and it was absolutely amazing getting more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep!! Saturday we prepped for little man's newborn session, went to that (which took a while), and got home just in time for kickoff. What a game!!! Our Gamecocks showed out and beat the number one ranked team!!!! It was such an awesome game. We were told that Davis was our little good luck charm. Years from now we'll be telling him that the year he was born the gamecocks won the national championship in baseball and beat the number one ranked teams in basketball and football!!!! How great is that :) B commented several times that he really liked being at home, just us to watch the game. He said we got to use our bathroom, be comfy and he got to drink and eat his own food w/o paying out the wazoo. I asked him to take a pic of me and sweet boy right after the game (he already had his gamecock gear off and in pj's) and this is what I got...bad picture taking skills daddy!!!

Sunday we had a busy day with lots of visitors.
Davis is finally on a schedule. He eats 3ozs and sleeps for 3-4 hrs then does it all over again.
Here is a sneak peek that the photographer posted for us. We can't wait to see the rest! If I have 15 comments or more on the pics I'll get a free 8x10 so feel free to check them out and leave a comment...b/c we all know I'm going to have to have one of each ;)

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