Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 weeks

Yesterday we had your check up. You did fabulous for our first outing alone! I started getting ready for the day at about 9 (even though your appt wasn't until 12..I wanted to allow time for meltdowns). You screamed the whole time I was in the shower. You just want your mama to hold you all the time. Anyways, we went by my work, to the doctor, lunch with Ashley V., stopped by and introduced you to your cousins Kensley and Dylan, dropped my "push" present back off at the jewelers for one last detail, picked up your medicine and headed home. PHEW what a day but you were such an angel! The Ped. put you on Zantac for acid've been having spit up come out of your nose and get a little choked up so she thinks this will solve that issue (which is a good thing b/c you really scare mommy when you have one of those little episodes).
Your stats from the appt...
You weighed 7lbs 13ozs (between 50th and 25th percentile) and were 21 inches long(50th percentile). (You had lost down to 7lb 1oz at your last appt so she was pleased.
You were in the 50th percentile with head circumference.
What you've been up to...
You eat 3ozs every 3 1/2-4 hours.
You still sleep a good bit but are starting to "play" (a/k/a stare at all the crazy people around you), look at your "toys" on your tummy time mat, and wonder what the hang is wrong with your big sister who is constantly licking your feet and sniffing your diaper.
You have discovered that you can only sleep on your tummy (which is going to drive your mama to the nut house worrying about you) or in someone's arms. When we get you to sleep we try to lay you down really gently thinking that you won't notice and it never fails you'll last about 20 mins before your world is crumbling down.
You are still sleeping in your bassinet of the pack&play at night when you aren't on my chest. We experimented with the crib today and you may start sleeping in there soon.
You are very advanced for your ROLLED OVER ALL BY YOURSELF Monday!!! And of course no one was here to witness except for Mommy :)
AND you held your bottle for the first time on Friday like a big boy ;)
You held your bottle all by yourself Friday...
Please slow down sweet boy!


  1. Such a cute picture!!! I need to put mine on fb :) thank you so much for stopping by so we could see him (and you,ha ha). Love you!!

  2. Looks as though his clothes are fitting better now that he put on just a little weight. Tell him his Aunt Mindy loves him and misses him and will see him very soon. Please explain that I have had to stay away due to all the sick people in my house. If everyone stays good this weekend I will be there Monday!