Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 week

Davis-Yesterday was 1 week since you graced us with your presence. Your mommy and daddy could never imagine the love that we have for you. You are such a blessing to our lives and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our little family.
This week has been pretty rough on you with this silly blanket that you have been having to wear. We went back to have more blood work done this morning and it has come down to 13!! The Pediatrician called and said that we can take the blanket off until tomorrow, have it checked again then hopefully we will blanket free forever.
What you have been up to...
You are starting to figure out that you are supposed to sleep at night..(Mommy is really happy about this)
You eat every 3-4 hours, sometimes formula and sometimes breast milk. Hopefully it will become strictly breast milk soon. (I haven't been producing enough for him so we have had to supplement)
You sleep pretty much all day which, you would think that mommy would nap during that time but she can't seem to stop staring at you and making sure you're still breathing. Hopefully she will calm down some soon b/c those bags under her eyes are hideous.
You love to pee on mommy at least once a never fails. We have a "wee block" yet it never seems to be around when she needs it.
You also love to make your mommy squirm by getting your clothes dirty as soon as she gets your dressed and situated.
You love to hear your daddy's voice! Anytime he talks your head goes crazy just trying to find him. And he loves to still all of mommy's sugar. It's okay we still have 5 more weeks with him at work before mommy goes back to work.
Lastly, you wish someone would tell your mommy to give up with the cute clothes until you actually fill them out. She keeps dressing you in clothes that are too big..although everyone keeps telling her that you will be in them in no're just a little squirt right now and your newborns are still too big.


  1. He is adorable! Glad he is starting to sleep for you too. Sounds like you are a natural!

  2. Put some of those big clothes on that child. He's got to be freezing. Soon he will be outgrowing everything. Love ya

  3. That was just for the picture.....We took the light off for his bath and wanted to get the picture before putting it back on :) And he'll be wearing some too big garnet and black this weekend!!

  4. Good luck tommorrow. Hope the little man cooperates both tonight and tommorrow.